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I've created this page to list stuff I have for sale.  Stuff will come & go, but if you see anything you're interested in, please send me a comment using the form at the bottom of this page.  Cash or PayPal, shipping is extra unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for looking!


Rockwell Collins KWM-380

I acquired this radio from a local ham getting out of the hobby many years ago.  Turned it on to check out the receiver, which worked very well and was the most natural sounding receiver I'd ever heard, then powered it off and I haven't played with it ever since.  I have a great appreciation for the engineering design and construction of this radio and love the nostalgia - this truly is one of the finest radios ever built.  But I'm really not a Rockwell Collins enthusiast or collector and this radio belongs with someone that will really appreciate and use it.  This radio has the rare blower kit on the rear heat sink, but I do not have the original manual for the radio but these are available for download at
I'm not listing a price right now as I need to do more research to determine what this radio is really worth.  I also want to fire up the radio and make sure it still works FB, then I'll post actual pictures.
(Radio Info: P/N: 622-5093-001, S/N: 1320, Filters: AM/RTTY/CWA/CWB, Options: NB/REM, Blower Kit)

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